Pawfect Friends

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Pawfect Dog Walking





You may have                                      


A very young puppy that just needs a quick potty visit along with a bit of play time, attention and then gently stroked back to sleep


A lively dog that needs a good walk or run around to burn some energy off


An elderly dog that just needs a quick nip in and nip out service


A shy dog that needs to work on their socialisation skills                          


A poorly dog that just needs a quick pee break but lots of cuddles


A dog that just needs to be let out into the garden for a certain duration of time


You may be poorly and need us to exercise your dog


the list is endless....



We prefer to walk dogs in a group, they are innately pack animals and want to be around other dogs.  They enjoy interaction with other dogs and all our current dogs get on so well.  It's lovely seeing them have a good chase and after all that fun, your dog will be happy and fulfilled and whose behavior and demeanor will be what you need after your own active day.  We keep you posted whilst your away with Facebook posts, Tweets or a simple text or email.





Depending on your geographical area, walks start from £12.50 per visit, Mon to Fri, £20.00 at weekends.  You can use us on an ad-hoc basis or everyday as many of our clients already do.  We don't work on a time basis, we work with the individual dogs needs.

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